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Established in Hong Kong since 2005.

It all grew from our Chairman-Mr. Michael Yeung’s enthusiasm for photography. Michael is a mechanical engineer with decades of experience in design and precision manufacturing. As a photography enthusiast having experienced all kinds of inconvenience with his photographer friends, Michael decided to design his own range of equipment to deal with the problems, which became popular among his friends. Michael was then persuaded by his friends to officially launch the brand - Faith. 

Our Passion

Not innovating to “WOW”, but innovating to Help.

We love photography too, that's why we can easily spot and understand the problems you have when you are taking photographs. Your needs are the core of our designs, we believe that without being helpful to you, any innovation is useless. Therefore, we strive to design equipment which can make things easier when you are working on your own "WOW" factors in photography.


We believe, everyone's Originality deserves Respect & Protection.

Our designs have been granted patents in many countries including China, Europe, India, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore and USA. 


Big or Small, responsibly manufactured.  

One is all; All is one. We try our every best to reduce harm to our planet. Being responsibly manufactured under ISO 9001, our products are either RoHS or REACH compliant, making sure our users and the Planet is protected from hazardous substances.  

We also launched a brand for smart mobile device users.

Smart mobile devices have become exceptionally important nowadays, either it is for work or for entertainment, many of us are relying more on more on the use of smart devices, "Smartography" has also become a trend, offering another option for people to explore and enjoy the world of photography. In 2009, we realised the limitation and health issues in using smart devices and started designing equipments to solve the problems. In 2015, we founded a new brand called "Luvipod" for smart device users. For more information about Luvipod, please check out here

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